I’m a Third of the Way Through a One Hundred Days Blogging “Challenge,” And It Feels as If It’s Just Begun, so I May as Well Keep Going until the Proverbial Wheels Fall off This Train. I Was About to Ask If Trains Have Wheels, but of Course, They Do.

This blog began as a way to participate in a 100-day blogging challenge thing at work (Hi Kinsta!). I’m not a newcomer to blogging. I have a couple other blogs in addition to this one.

But I like the posting-every-day aspect of this. Even if I had to backfill a couple of days that I skipped over the long holiday weekends. It quickly becomes a lot to look back at, but imagine having an entire year of your life to look back at.

Or five years. Or…?

So I’ll likely keep this going longer than 100 days. I think it’s worthwhile, to me, if no one else.

day 34


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