The Electric Table (or, Electrolysis Still Really Hurts and It Takes a Long, Long Time)

I do a thing called electrolysis on my face. It’s a permanent hair removal process, and it’s painful and expensive. Sounds great, eh? 🙂 But it’s just something that I have to do since, much to my dismay, I went through male puberty and got all hairy.

I started six and a half months ago, and have had, after today, 26 hour-long sessions. And we’re just getting started. The finish line is as much as two years away, and it can be discouraging.

After having their roots fried with an electric needle, the hairs grow back. Sometimes thinner, sometimes not. But the same hair has to be zinged several times before it doesn’t grow back.


Then there’s our body’s natural hair growth cycle, which means some of the gone hairs could resprout 8 months after being killed.

The main problem with all of this isn’t the pain (though I must rank that as a problem) or the expense. It’s the fact that I can’t shave for three days before each session. Which is a little bit devastating when that hair doesn’t fit with the way you feel you should look.

But eyes on the prize. That’s what I tell myself after a particularly bad session or when I become discouraged about not shaving or the length of time I’ll have to endure this.

The reason this is all on my mind is that last week I started doing sessions on Sunday. So today being Sunday, it’s time again. My appointment is at 9 am, which — I don’t know yet whether that’s better than an afternoon session, which I used to do.

Time will tell, and thank you for your kind indulgence.

day 89



  1. Ouch. I didn’t know about the electrolysis hair removal tech. I do the laser one in my entire body, and it also hurts as hell in some places.

    This week I started the process in my arms and legs and I almost gave up. It hurted a lot during the session, but the next day was actually worse. The itching is maddening. I didn’t experience this itching when I did the face, but the legs and arms are terrible. It’s like several mosquitoes bit me.

    But eyes on the prize.

    • Paulo, you are brave doing your whole body! I probably would have done laser if my hair was dark enough (old face = grey hair 🙂), but I’ve heard other people – and now you – say that laser can be just as painful. And that it can take just as long. The whole process is awful either way you go.

      Why do we have this hair?! It doesn’t make any sense! Ha ha ha.

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