Slack Is Dead, Long Live Slack (or, I Use Slack for Work, but Right Now It Isn’t Working)

Well, I’m effectively locked out of work since Slack won’t load for me.

We all know, intellectually, that we exist online in a tenuous, shaky world that can crumble at any second. But we put that fact out of our minds until the rug is pulled out here or there.

And with something like Slack — well, Slack is my workplace. When I picture the company I work for, I picture Slack. It’s how we function. And when it’s not there, functioning is difficult, to say the least.

We have a backup Google chat set up, but on days like today, when the Slack outage(s) are only affecting some of us, its helpfulness is limited.

Okay, well, here’s hoping they let me back into the office soon.

day 84, dang


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