Please Don’t Hoard the Charmin (or, People Are Acting like Fools in the Grocery Store Again)

The grocery store shelves are starting to look a little bare lately. I can’t help but worry that we’re headed into another panic-buying season.

Like when I was first greeted with an empty produce section in March of 2020.

empty produce section

Not to mention the empty toilet paper shelves – the entire paper good aisle was ransacked. Empty pasta shelves. The whole store looked ransacked, for that matter, and it was kind of disorienting and frightening.

In the following weeks, as I’m sure everyone painfully remembers, the shortages didn’t seem to ease up. A month or two later, I could sneak in at the 6 am “seniors” store opening hour and pick up necessities before the hoards descended and stripped the place clean again by 8 am.

Well, I didn’t have to sneak in, exactly. I am a “senior” by a lot of measurements. 🤷‍♀️

But I hope we can keep our senses about us during these shortages. Take what you need and leave the rest. That way everyone eats (and wipes).

Okay, sorry about saying “wipes,” but you remember. We all remember.

day 42


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