Is That What It Looks Like? (or, I Bought a Bass Guitar and a Multitrack Recorder)

jazz bass

If it looks like yet another new guitar, then yes, it is what it looks like.

Well, it’s a bass guitar, and we didn’t have one of those before, so…that’s a good excuse?

I could explain all of this, I think, but then who cares what the explanation is? And I don’t really need an excuse, because music is life and life is music.

There, I’ve explained it!🙂

And really, who’s to say how many guitars are too many?

It is a lot, though, even for me. I am not one of those guitar collectors who buy a new instrument every week to feed their needs.

In fact, before the Teisco/Schafer, I hadn’t bought a new instrument in almost ten years.

Then suddenly, the Teisco, the Alesis piano, the Gibson acoustic, and now this Fender Squier bass.

Oh yeah, and this. It’s called a Portastudio. It lets us record eight separate music or vocal tracks and fiddle around with them until they aren’t awful. At least that’s the hope.


It feels like the band is getting back together around here, but we’ve never been in a band together, so I guess this is just…music.

I take that back; we do have a band, we’ve just never written down any music to accompany our lyrics and vocal melodies, never played anywhere, and never recorded anything (yet!).

All of our songs are ten seconds long. You’ll love the album.

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