Be Sure to Sit up Straight When Typing (or, Watching People Type Is Weird)

The nature of my job means I sometimes have to watch people typing on shared screens in Google or Zoom meetings. And I’ve looked over the shoulders of one or two (or two hundred) people as they’ve typed over the years.

My question for all of them is this: if you have to backspace to correct a typo in every other word, how much time are you saving by typing as fast as you can?

That may sound snarky, but I’ve had to break the fast-but-inaccurate typing habit myself, so I’ve been as guilty of it as anybody.

But I’ll tell you, typing is much more enjoyable now that I’ve slowed down. Well, the typing isn’t more enjoyable, but not backspacing to correct an error every four seconds is refreshing. 🙂

day 98


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