99 Bottles of Posts on the Wall (or, Finishing the 100-day Blogging Challenge – Now What?)

Well, that title doesn’t make any sense, but yesterday I completed the 100-day blogging thing that spawned this blog.

I missed only four days (all in the past couple of weeks for some reason), but 96 out of 100 is pretty good.

Posting every day was difficult. I guess that’s the point. I wouldn’t do it again. Or if I did, I’d be more casual about it. Some people approached it that way. Casually. They were smart.

And if I did it again, I certainly wouldn’t make custom images for each day, which I somehow felt compelled to do for this. That was just screwy and pointless.

I tried to go out with a bang with post number 100, and here, now, to cap it all off, you get a cheap wrap-up. 😉 But I still love you.

day over




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