The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul (or, Getting an Eye Exam)

I’ve noticed my vision has changed a bit, so I went for an exam today. It’s been several years since I’ve had a new prescription, and I know that I should expect changes at my age. But the change I’ve noticed lately kind of freaked me out.

It’s funny the places our minds go when we have only a tiny fraction of the information about something. I was convinced that the exam today would find glaucoma or cataracts or eye cancer…you know, the worst possible case scenario.

As it turns out, my eyes are fine, even a little better than the average for my age. But the tendency to expect the worst is interesting. Do most of us do that? Am I weird? (Or weirder than I thought?)

I’m usually very positive and optimistic, but I always feel like the grave is right behind me when it comes to my body or my health, and I have one foot on a banana peel. 🙂 Or maybe not that extreme, but pretty close.

I think right now, I may be cashing in on being health-conscious when I was younger. Riding (or rather, slowly, painfully grinding) my mountain bike to the top of an actual mountain every day. 25 years of vegetarianism, etc. I feel like some of that may have set the stage for a hopeful old age.

It seems that way so far, anyway. So here’s to another two or three decades relatively unmolested by the medical profession.

day 13


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