Ratcheting up the Disengagement (or, Less Then Half of My Neighbors Have Been Vaccinated Against COVID)

here, you hold it

I don’t have to tell you that COVID is tearing through the world again, creating a horror show more miserable than the one most of us lived through last winter.

Joshua Tree and the surrounding high desert towns are beautiful – but conservative-leaning – places. Before the Instagram hoards descended, the desert attracted people seeking freedom from what they saw as too many rules or obligations. Or too many other people.

So as you might imagine, our COVID vaccination numbers aren’t great. I don’t know why conservatism relates to lower vaccination numbers. That’s something you’d have to ask those Republicans who traded their souls for a bag of magic beans some time ago. Which is most of them. They know. They won’t level with you because deep down, they are terrified too, but they know.

Anyway, according to the county, fewer than 50% of locals are vaccinated.

I went with Ayin to get their booster today, and we were the only people there.

It’s eerie the way so many of our neighbors are whistling past the graveyard. It’s tragic and unnecessary, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Nothing but continue to protect ourselves as much as we can.

day 47


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