Into the Wind (or, Getting Punched in the Nose by a Trash Can)

I was just talking to some coworkers about how windy it is everywhere today, and it reminded me of a day back in March when it was so windy that our trash bin blew about 100 feet down the street.

I went and retrieved it, picked up as much trash as I could, and started rolling it toward the house in front of me, into the wind.

It may not surprise you to learn that the wind caught the lid and flipped it right into my nose. That was…unpleasant.

To give you some idea of how unpleasant, here’s what my nose (and probably forehead as well) did to the lid.

I had a pair of matching black eyes for a couple of weeks after that.

But I learned a valuable lesson: when your trash bin blows away, just forget about it. Call the trash company and ask for a new one. 😉

Anything else can quickly become too self-destructive.

day 15


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