How to Choose to Do Nothing and Successfully Get Nothing Accomplished in One Easy Step (or, Allow Me to Introduce My Patented Do Nothing™ System)

I had a few things I wanted to get done today, but I did none of them.

How did I do it?

Easy! I used my patented Do Nothing™ system.

Want to know how it works? Are you ready to tap into your Do Nothing™ potential?

Okay. Here it is.

When you think about that thing, or those things, that you want to accomplish on a given day, say the following to yourself, and say it with conviction. Believe it!

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

It looks simple, but that’s the genius of the Do Nothing™ system. It works every time, and it’s perfectly safe to use. Because “tomorrow” is always a day away!

Thanks for attending this Do Nothing™ seminar, don’t forget to pick up your gift bags on the way out.


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