Hi, My Name Is Hannah, and I’m an Addict (or, Guitars and Digital Music Players)

I’m addicted to two things, actually: electronic and stereo gadgets, and electric guitars. I may or may not have been addicted to other things in the past. Hard to remember. 😜

I have more guitars than one person (who doesn’t even play gigs anymore) needs, yet I still gaze longingly at the new Gibson Les Paul Standards, and the weekly Gibson Mod Collection drops.

As far as stereo equipment is concerned, I love, adore, and worship my Sony HAP, yet it fills me with anxiety. I worry because it’s discontinued, and since it has an HDD drive as its wonderfully beating heart, I know failure is inevitable one day.

I alleviated some of my anxiety by offloading the actual music files to a Samsung SSD attached to the HAP, but I still fear the day that drive dies and the HAP won’t even boot.

So I’m always on the lookout for something new, a player that I like technically, and that has an interface I like. I’ve never found anything until now. This Brennan B2 looks like it could be my new friend, I don’t know.

Is it crazy to buy a backup for something that works perfectly fine? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be the first crazy buy I’ve ever made.


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