Gunman kills 19 children at Texas elementary school

yet another second amendment massacre

And what will happen as a result of the latest second amendment massacre? Spoiler alert: nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Because as a country, we don’t care.

You may not want to read that, and you may argue with it or not accept it as truth, but it is true. If it weren’t true, these second amendment massacres would stop happening. We would do something to prevent them from happening. But we don’t, so what conclusion can we take from that?

That we don’t care.

I suppose we’ll hear the same disingenuous “thoughts and prayers” nonsense that we hear after every one of these second amendment massacres. What utter mealy-mouthed pandering shit that phrase is. Especially in response to yet another second amendment massacre.

Thoughts and prayers, sure. How’s that been working for you?

On the radio this morning I heard the same thing they always say right after one of these second amendment massacres, “Officials don’t know yet why the <subhuman automatic weapon toting knuckle-dragger> shot up the <whoever>.”

Oh, you don’t know why? Really? Who cares why? The why is always the same, racism and/or ignorance and/or mental instability. So we know why. What matters is the how, and we all know the how.

With military-type second amendment weapons.

We are used to this in America. We accept it. We have become immune to second amendment massacres. We. Don’t. Care.

That’s profoundly fucked up, isn’t it? This country is circling the drain, and the people who care are too afraid to say or do anything. Because politicians are worthless. All of them. The bright-eyed people who start up in politics with grand ideas of changing the system will quickly be coopted, and if they can’t be coopted (but let’s be clear, all of them can and will be coopted) they’ll be rejected, like a skin graft that didn’t take.

So what’s the solution? You can’t complain unless you have a solution, right?

I don’t have a solution.

There isn’t a solution outside the dismantling of government as we know it here in America, and that will never happen. So good luck finding a solution. Just prepare for the next second amendment massacre headline, which should be coming in, oh, I don’t know, a week or two.

I just read this back and it’s terribly negative, isn’t it?

But what else could it be? I’m stuck in a country (and a world) that doesn’t value human life. At all. So sometimes I’m going to complain about that, even though I know it’s pointless.


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