Don’t Speak (AKA Human Rights Are Not *Political,* They’re Human Rights!)

Job search website Indeed is offering their trans employees $10,000 to relocate if they don’t feel safe where they live. It’s wonderful to see companies truly support their marginalized employees rather than just give that support lip service, as most large companies do.

Especially since the army of fascist snowflakes who are unnaturally obsessed with trans people and dedicate their lives to our eradication in an effort to make themselves feel manly or holy or to distract or deflect from their own closet queerness will no doubt lose their fucking minds when they hear the news. (Ha! A 53-word sentence without so much as the suggestion of a comma. Take that! 😆)

don't speakWhen I read that Indeed was doing that, I wanted to post the link to the article in my work Slack, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because my posts about trans issues in the past have been vetoed as “political.”

The thing is, human rights are not political. It doesn’t matter that there are those who wish to make them political. Human rights are not political. They are human rights.

When we let the idiots and jackasses of the world succeed in making our human rights “political,” we lose much of our ability to talk about them. I don’t believe the idiots and jackasses are smart enough to have planned that, but whether it’s intended or not, it’s certainly another attempt (a successful attempt) to silence us. To rob us of our ability to advocate for ourselves in an increasing number of spaces. Even places where we otherwise feel safe, like my workplace.

As I said in the other article (that I linked to above), I don’t blame my workplace for making an absolute “no political discussions” rule. Honestly, I don’t think any large group can survive anymore without such a rule. Sad as that is. We have to accept reality, and the reality is this is the world we live in.

But the inability to talk about anything trans-related in a place where I spend half of my waking hours – a third of my life – is saddening and painful. Though, I will continue to believe they are as supportive as I always say they are (to anyone who will listen). Unless something happens to crack that candy shell.


In other work news, some time ago, a position opened up in the company that seemed like it was made for me. But it was a “head” or management position, and I made the mistake of talking to my boss about it and saying that lately, I’d been reevaluating what I really wanted out of work (and life), and I wasn’t sure I was going to submit my name for the job.

He took that to mean, “I don’t want the job,” so he posted it in our Slack while I was taking a week off. I didn’t even know the position was open to resume submission or whatever until I read that someone else was the new Head of Client Experience.

That really sucked. I was so hurt by that – probably unreasonably hurt. When I asked my boss essentially, “What the fuck happened?” he apologized and said he thought I wasn’t interested, so what could I say. But I was salty about it for a long time. I did learn, though, not to talk about “maybes” or “not sures” at work.

Cut to yesterday and a post informing us that the position had been eliminated and the guy who had been in it was moving to sales. Ouch, sales! Going from the head of a department to someone making outbound sales calls. I can’t think of a worse reassignment.

So, it turns out I dodged a bullet there, didn’t I?

But full of myself as I am, I believe I could have done more with the position than the gentleman who occupied it did. No disrespect to him, but facts is facts.

Next month is my three-year anniversary with the company. The best company I’ve ever worked for by a gaping, uncrossable, bottomless margin. I’m thankful for the spot every day. When I complain here, I’m just venting.


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