Bighorn Sheep (or, How I’ve Never Seen One but Ayin Has)

They live in the National Park, but they rarely come around to the inhabited part of town here. To give you some idea, I’ve been visiting or living in Joshua Tree for 33 years, and I’ve never seen one.

I still haven’t, but my partner gets up before I do most mornings, and they were out on the front porch when it was still dark, and heard a loud bleating. It was coming from maybe 20 feet away. It was a Bighorn looking for a lost lamb (that’s what they’re usually doing when they bleat like that). It continued on across the street into an empty lot, then got scared off.

Pretty impressive. I wish I would have been awake for that.



  1. So okay, I swear I had not read this post before I wrote about visiting Joshua Tree!
    Now I’m even more stoked to go see this place!
    Hannah, will you adopt me?

    • It’s a great place to visit, but if I adopted you, you’d have to live here year-round, and it’s an extreme kind of place. Very hot in the summer (obviously), and bitter cold in the winter. A lot of people visit, fall in love, and eventually move out here (much more so since COVID), only to leave a year or two later. 🙂 It’s not for everyone.

      But it’s definitely a place everyone should see.

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