A Robot Is Infinitely More to Be Trusted than a Human (or, It’s Beautiful to Work for a a Company That Actually Cares about You)

Hi. This is a scheduled post controlled by robots and fate. I’m not here. I’m up in the mountains, sitting in a little cabin in the snow. I may or may not be a little bit high. I’m thinking about you, of course, but not too much. Sometimes, overthinking can get us into trouble.

I really enjoy the time off that my company provides me with. I mean, I enjoy that there’s as much time off as I feel I need to take. That’s a unique situation in my working life, and I try not to abuse it or take it lightly.

Pretty much everything about the company is unique in my working life. It’s astounding, and I admit it was disarming for the first few months. I am so indoctrinated to see “the company” as – well, not exactly the enemy, but kind of the enemy. I can’t count how many times I’ve fought for a scrap of humanity or dignity over the years.

But dignity and humanity are built into Kinsta. That they found me at this vulnerable stage of my life and took me in is something that I will be grateful for forever.

day 24


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